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Chemical Analysis at Solid Surfaces: Our research focuses on how nanoscale surface structure affects chemical (electrocatalytic) activity (video). Our lab work has been featured as a cover story of the MTSU Research Magazine.

Want advice about our MS Chemistry program?

Associate Professor

(PhD, George Mason U.)
Chemistry Department
Middle Tennessee State U.

Science Building, Rm 3065
440 Friendship Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
chusuei at mtsu edu
Tel. 615-898-2079

Group News
∙Our NSF-MRI grant application has been awarded (Dr. Sing Chong is the lead PI), which will advance our Raman D/G band studies. (September 2019)
∙Nawaraj Karki joins the lab as a new MS student.
(January 2019)
•Welcome to Jerry Argo and Ethan Williams to the lab. (December 2018)
•Mohammad Kader successfully defended his MS thesis! (Summer 2018)  He will continue with his PhD studies at St. Louis U.

                          (News archive)

 Our work...
· Pandey, R.R.; Guo, Y.; Gao, Y.; Chusuei, C.C. “A Prussian Blue ZnO Carbon Nanotube Composite for Chrono-amperometrically Assaying H2O2 in BT20 and 4T1 Breast Cancer Cells,” Anal. Chem. 2019, 91, 10573-10581.

• Pandey, R.R.; Alshahrani, H.; Krylyuk, S.; Williams, E.H.; Davydov, A.V.; Chusuei, C.C. “Electrochemical Detection of Acetaminophen with Silicon Nanowires,” Electroanal. 2018, 30, 886-891. (inside cover article)

Chemistry Seminar:

 Tweets @doctorCcubed:

Throwback video: How to find my old office in Wiser-Patten Science Hall, 100B: my beginnings at MTSU.

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